Good Decisions Dog Training Philosophy and Training Tools

Communication/Motivation Philosophy
At Good Decisions Dog Training we educate you on how to communicate with your dog utilizing a pressure/release technique applied with the prong collar and leash and/or e-collar. We use this style of communication for two reasons, the first being that the physical pressure is representative of other pressures, i.e. spatial, innate, chaotic, etc. that the dog will face in its lifetime. The second reason is that once the dog works towards becoming proficient in the pressure/release language, he/she will understand that they do have choice in their decision making. Furthermore, we find the motivation it takes for the dog to achieve both what we do want the dog to do and what we do not want the dog to do and practice followthrough that ultimately makes the dogs commands nonnegotiable. Our style of training involves teaching you and your dog skills and good decision making that essentially effects your dog's state-of-mind and improves the relationship between you and your dog. Our goal for every dog is inclusion in its human’s life.
Prong Collars
Prong collars provide you with an effective and gentle way to communicate with your dog. Prong collars are built to mimic the bite of a mother dog, and we utilize them to create a pressure/release style of communication between human and dog. This language can be transfered to the e-collar! We use Herm Sprenger prong collars and we will help you to properly fit your dog with a prong collar.
E-collars are amazing tools! We utilize e-collar technologies brand because its stimulation level ranges from 0-100. This allows us to communicate to the dog in the least invasive and most gentle means available. They are fantasitc for dog owners who need a connection to a dog at all times without the physical connection of a leash. E-collars allow you and your dog the freedom of off-leash hikes/adventures and are also great tools for dogs who have behaivor issues and are super sensitive to pressure.