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Good Decisions Dog Training strives to give dog owners hope when they feel they have none. With our balanced style of training, you and your dog(s) will learn how to set and reinforce structure, rules and accountability. Our work involves building a solid foundation, confidence in you and your dog(s), as well as a good relationship between all of you! We can help your dog: walk politely with you on leash with an auto sit, down and place with duration, recall, wait patiently at thresholds, kennel up, calm in crate, impulse control and off leash (e-collar) work. Our passion is to make positive changes in your dog's life and yours. You are ultimately the key to your dog's success! My name is Julie Starns, owner and head trainer of Good Decisions Dog Training. I started GDDT to help change the lives of dog owners who are struggling with dog behaviors through: leadership, obedience, behavior modification and socialization.

Does Your Dog...........

-Pull on leash
-Ignore you
-Jump up on you and others
-Get too excited
-Have separation anxiety
-Have crate/containment phobia
-Act fearful or reactive 

Have You Gone Through Training With Another Trainer and Still Have Issues?

We have worked with all of these issues and more with great results and we are here to help you!  

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